Native wildlfowers... so beneficial and so beautiful!

One of my goals is to inspire people to plant native wildflowers around their homes! Native wildflowers will attcact butterflies for you to watch! By providing a native plants, you are helping bring even more beauty to your yards, and gardens! Even a native wildflower in a pot on an apartment balcony will provide a much needed sip of nectar for butterflies, hummingbirds, moths and bees!

Create a Native Haven

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Most people do not realize that when picking up a tree, shrub or flower at their local Walmart or Lowe's they are most likely getting a plant which is not native to their region. Hey, you look and think how pretty those Asian pansies would look bordering the sidewalk. But wait! Watch those flowers for a while and see how few butterflies, moths, bees or other insects are visiting them. That's because they are not what the insect species for your region of the world. They need plants that they are adapted to for laying eggs, nectaring and chowing down on.

LOOK below for an easy search for flowers that would be beautiful, yet native, and therefore suitable for your region!


Allen Boynton said...

You are so right, Gale. There are more and more native plant nurseries every day that need our support.

Kueblerelves said...

Yes. They are sometimes hard to find places that sell native plants! If you ask a service person at your local nursery about which are native plants, they would look at you and go "huh?"!

MariS said...

Great job on your blog... you go girl! Luv it. mmm, desert wildflowers are so beautiful. Each year I look forward to spring, when the desert comes alive with color.

Kueblerelves said...

Oh, I love Arizona!! I loved seeing all of the different cactus species!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Very good advice,Gale! We always make sure to purchase our plants and flowers from local gardeners so we know what we're getting will actually GROW! Theresa

Kueblerelves said...

Native will need much less attention and care because they are already adapted for your region, too!

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